Optimal Growth, Superior Performance

All High Island™ organic fertilizers begin with dried chicken manure. Every High Island fertilizer provides your plants with the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and superior performance without harming the environment.

All Purpose Organic Fertilizer

Unlike other fertilizers on the market, High Island’s All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is made from just one ingredient: dried chicken manure.

Because of its natural nutrient content, our All Purpose Fertilizer (4-3-2) works great for almost any application, ranging from potted plants to large organic gardens.

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Organic Fertilizer

Biochar Soil Amendments

High Island’s Biochar is the go-to product when looking to improve the quality of your soil. Biochar enhances soil in several ways, including

  • increasing water retention
  • holding valuable nutrient
  • fostering the growth of beneficial microbes
  • moderating soil acidity.
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Bent River Organics Logo

Being an organic grower has its challenges, especially in finding the appropriate fertilizers. Bent River Organics partnered with High Island to be a supplier of their dried organic fertilizer derived from chicken manure for the solution.

[High Island’s All Purpose Organic Fertilizer] provided significant increases in size of our gourmet garlic and potatoes, far beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend High Island products for other growers. Look what it has done for us.

Bent River Organics, Kasota, MN