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Straight-from-the-barn, all High Island fertilizers begin with dried chicken manure. Our fertilizers naturally contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and other important micronutrients.

Every High Island fertilizer provides your plants with the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and superior performance.

High Island’s All Purpose

Unlike other fertilizers on the market, High Island’s All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is made from just one ingredient: dried chicken manure.

Because of its natural nutrient content, our All Purpose Fertilizer (4-3-2) works great for almost any application, ranging from potted plants to large organic gardens.

Seedlings Growing


High Island’s entire line of fertilizers stands apart because of our unique heat-treatment process. Using this process, we are able to eradicate harmful pathogens in the manure.

Gone are the days of the 30-, 60-, or 120-day waiting periods. You can apply High Island’s fertilizers to your garden at any time and harvest delicious, succulent vegetables right after application.

Application Information

All Purpose Organic Fertilizer 

Application rates of approximately 3,000 lbs per acre should be suitable for most situations (large gardens and fields).

Application rates should be determined based on local soil conditions and applicable laws governing the State(s), Province(s), and/or Country in which the product is used. Consult your local agronomist, agricultural agency, or both for the application rates recommended for your area.

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