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Nutrient Content

All Purpose Fertilizer

Straight-from-the-barn, all High Island fertilizers begin with dried chicken manure. Our fertilizers naturally contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and other important micronutrients.

Every High Island fertilizer provides your plants with the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and superior performance.

Unlike other fertilizers on the market, High Island’s All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is made from just one ingredient: dried chicken manure.

Because of its natural nutrient content, our All Purpose Organic Fertilizer (4-3-2) works great for almost any application, ranging from potted plants to large organic gardens.


Nitrogen (N) is essential for healthy plant growth because it is a major component of chlorophyll, which plants use to produce energy.

Phosphorus (P) is crucial for healthy plant cells. The proper amount of phosphorus in the soil should give plants good root growth, stem strength, and increased flower and seed production.

Potassium (K) is necessary for growing resilient plants that produce good quality produce. Potassium also helps plants to weather droughts and high and low temperatures

Secondary Nutrients

Calcium (Ca) aids in cellular excretion of organic acids and is needed for cell building. It also aids in converting nitrogen into forms used in protein formation.

Magnesium (Mg) is another component of chlorophyll. Magnesium also helps plants in phosphorus uptake and is thus critical for phosphate metabolism and plant respiration.

Sulfur (S) is required to synthesize amino acids and proteins in plants and it is a part of every living cell.


High Island’s entire line of fertilizers stands apart because of our unique heat-treatment process. Using this process, we are able to eradicate harmful pathogens in the manure.

Gone are the days of the 30-, 60-, or 120-day waiting periods. You can apply High Island’s fertilizers to your garden at any time and harvest delicious, succulent vegetables right after application.



For years, the farmers who use our fertilizers have seen significant changes in their yields. 

After using High Island All Purpose Organic Fertilizer, Bent River Organics noticed significant increases in the size of their gourmet vegetables. They also noted these additional benefits of our fertilizer:

  • slowly releases nitrogen
  • is 100% organic
  • acts as a good soil amendment
    • Increases water retention capacity and beneficial biota in the soil



At High Island, we want to create products that are easy to live with—an aspect we call “livability.” It’s important to us that you can live with our products inside and outside your home. No matter where you tend your plants, our fertilizer can be there with you.

Recyclable Bags

High Island’s 1-pound and 4-pound retail packaging is completely recyclable. How do you recycle it?

Just return your empty bags to the plastic bag recycling bin at your local grocery store. It couldn’t be simpler.


Our fertilizers’ pelleted shape makes it very easy to use. Just sprinkle on as much as you need. Our customers have found that the pelleted shape helps to slowly release nitrogen into the soil. That means you won’t have to constantly apply our fertilizers.

Being dried, it also makes even application easier. No special tools or gloves needed.


High Island’s unique heat-treatment process is one aspect of the livability equation. The chicken manure, which is used in all of our fertilizers, is heated to over 180°F. Heating the manure eliminates all harmful pathogens. Now, fertilizing your garden can be done right before you harvest.

Heat treatment also eliminates the pathogens that cause many natural fertilizers to have a strong odor. No odor allows you to use High Island’s fertilizers indoors without any foul smells.