All Purpose+ Organic Fertilizer (4-3-2)

//All Purpose+ Organic Fertilizer (4-3-2)

All Purpose+ Organic Fertilizer (4-3-2)

We have blended High Island’s All Purpose Fertilizer with 8% Biochar to create our All Purpose+ Organic Fertilizer. 

High Island’s AP+ combines the nutrient benefits of our All Purpose Organic Fertilizer and the benefits of our Biochar into one easy-to-use pellet.

Our 1 lb and 4 lb bags are reclosable and recyclable.

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1 lb bag: Will cover 15 sq. ft.

  • ⅛ cup (0.5 oz) is enough for a 6” pot
  • ¼ cup (1.0 oz) is enough for a 12” pot

4 lb bag: Will cover 60 sq. ft.

20 lb bag: Will cover 300 sq. ft.

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