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All Purpose Organic Fertilizer (4-3-2) [Bulk]

High Island’s All Purpose Organic Fertilizer provides your plants with the nutrients they need for optimal growth and superior performance.

Made from 100% dried chicken manure, High Island’s All Purpose fertilizer is naturally formulated to give your plants exactly what they need.

Unlike other competitors, High Island’s unique heat-treatment process eliminates pathogens naturally found in manure. Now, there’s no need to wait before harvest. 

Easy to use pellets. Virtually odor free. One superior product.

Available in 2,000 lbs Super Sacks and loose bulk.

2023 Bulk Pricing


Application rates depend on your soil’s current nutrient content. We recommend testing your soil before determining an application rate. 

High Island’s All Purpose Organic Fertilizer contains, at minimum

  • 80 lbs of nitrogen per ton
  • 60 lbs phosphorous per ton
  • 40 lbs of potassium per ton

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