Coco Coir Pots & Growing Discs


Unlike peat moss, coco coir is a sustainable product made from coconut fibers.

These OMRI certified coco coir pots and discs are the perfect combination to get your plants started. Just add water to the discs and they’ll expand to fit the pots.

There’s no more need to carefully un-pot your transplants. When it’s time to transplant, just plant the whole pot.

Using these pots and discs helps to reduce transplant shock for all plants. Our coco coir pots and coco coir discs are biodegradable and will help add organic matter to your garden soil.

Sets of 2 or 5 depending on size. 




To expand potting medium: place coco coir discs in a container and pour over 4 ounces of warm water (more may be necessary to completely expand the disc). It will take about 30 minutes to expand to their full volume. Fill the pot with the moistened soil and plant your seeds. It might be helpful to cover the pots with plastic wrap, or a clear lid, to keep in moisture and create a greenhouse effect. Fertilizer the plants as necessary. You can transplant the pot and plant together when it’s time. 

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3 inch (set of 5), 4 inch (set of 5), 5 inch (set of 2)