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What if you could grow that garden you’ve always dreamed of?

Make it a reality with High Island Organic Fertilizer

Designed by Nature. Backed by Results.

For more than twenty years, our organic fertilizer has been used by farmers and gardeners across Minnesota. They have grown healthy plants and increased their yields year after year. 

Now, we’re making our organic fertilizer available to everyone. (It’s too good not to share.)

Fertilizers from the other guys are made in huge factories, with little care and attention to the final product.

Our organic fertilizers are a part of who we are. We meticulously create each batch  to ensure you receive the highest quality product possible. You deserve a quality product. We deliver it. 

With High Island’s Organic Fertilizers you will:

  • Increase your yields
  • Decrease your fertilizer costs
  • Protect the environment


High Island’s All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is the best choice for growers and gardeners who want to

  • grow high-quality organic produce
  • have the most vibrant flowers
  • be the talk of the neighborhood


High Island’s All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is exactly what the farmers and gardeners have been using all these years (since 1910). With one simple, natural ingredientdried chicken manureformed into convenient pellets, this product is perfect for anything. 


Other organic fertilizers have a bunch of ingredients. Our’s? Just one.

Farm Land

Family owned since 1910

Our family has been making fertilizers and farming on the same land since 1910. Since then, we’ve worked with local farmers and gardeners to help them meet the needs of their plants. 

We’re gardeners, too. We’re farmers, too. We get it.  We believe in our products so much that we’ve been using them ourselves since the very beginning.


High Island fertilizers are unique. We heat-treat the dried chicken manure before it ever makes it into our fertilizers.

This process eliminates any harmful pathogens in the manure and makes it safe to apply at any time in your garden’s growing cycle. 

  • Do your tomatoes need a boost? 
  • Are you prepping for your second-harvest of lettuce for the season? 

You can apply our fertilizers whenever you like. No more calendar counting.


Our All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is OMRI listed. It’s great for gardeners or growers following the USDA Certified Organic program or similar programs across the U.S.

Not sure what OMRI Listed means? Find out more at www.omri.org.  

Your new favorite fertilizer has arrived. 

Your plants don’t want to wait to get new fertilizer. And neither should you! Order your fertilizer today! 

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